Automated Report Generation Saves Oodles of Hours

Mysticetus Automated Report Generation Feature Gives You Your Life Back!

Dave and I were talking the other day about: what does the automated reports feature in Mysticetus really save MMO/PSO organizations and researchers? This resulted in us performing a study on that question.

The short answer is A LOT! Depending on what your IT/GIS folks cost, we’re talking tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

We examined how long it takes to generate a simple daily report by comparing these methods: manual, automated via scripts and formulas, and Mysticetus. The study results revealed that Mysticetus provides a time savings between 2.5 to 3.6 hours using scripts to the more common manual method of copy and paste between spreadsheets. This was for a very simple report on sightings, effort and vehicle time in particular regions. More importantly is the more complex the report, the more time saved by Mysticetus. We kept it “simple” here and the time saving was still significant.

In this simple example Mysticetus saves over 75 hours of labor monthly for a single vessel survey creating daily reports alone!

We ignored a few things in estimating costs that you might want to add in:

  1. Fixing up differences in short hand notation between PSO’s – a pain point everyone is well aware of.
  2. Pencil and paper data methods… Generating reports that way clearly takes many times the effort of a computerized system, especially for effort analysis.

Final Comments

Mysticetus’ automatic report generation essentially eliminates the time tax of generating reports – not just daily reports, but any and all reports – weekly, monthly, final, comprehensive, and on and on.

Need to go back and slice data differently? You want to know how much time and distance (and which sightings) was spent in any effort or environmental state? Glare? Visibility? Beaufort? No problem. Just tell Mysticetus how you’d like your effort and sighting data sliced and diced, and then click “Generate Report” and boom! 10 seconds.

This time tax scales linearly with the number of vessels or observers you’re accounting for. If you have four vessels, the daily reports can take over 8 – 10 hours per day ignoring visits to the water cooler, chitchat, phone calls, and other human things. We won’t even start mention what this burden does to your attempts to hit a deadline and still make it home for a decent dinner.

If you have 4 vessels you typically will require 10 hours daily or 300 hours per month.

Imagine, if you will, how would you spend all that time if you got it back?

  • Study the data more?
  • Bid on new projects?
  • Take a long lunch?

Automatic report generation in Mysticetus is a big deal.

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