June 29, 2016

Case Studies

Multiple ROI case studies have been undertaken on Mysticetus.

The goal of these studies is to support the obvious business decision to employ Mysticetus. Here we seek to define the return on investment (ROI) Mysticetus brings to any operation or research project.

    Our first case study was of the impact of Mysticetus on anthropogenic operations. In this study we evaluate real impact of Mysticetus in halting false shut downs and delays to start up only. It clearly (by conservative estimates) showed a savings in excess of $1.6 million USD. Read about it here.

    The second case study impacts all users. It evaluates the time savings of the automatic report generation feature in Mysticetus. This study focused on comparing labor costs of traditional methods of daily report generation to that in Mysticetus. The results demonstrated a savings of 75 hours of labor per vessel (or report type) per month. This saving scales linearly, on a four vessel operation this saves 300 hours of time per month. Read about it here.