Mysticetus is your technological cornerstone for marine mammal management for all phases.

Mysticetus brings automation and modern database methods designed specifically for MMOs. Its use returns hours and hours are returned to you and your staff. Efficiency is realized in the form of reduced operational costs for you and your customers. These efficiencies are significant in allowing your project bids to be more competitive. 


Mysticetus Features Address:


Survey Planning

  1. Permitting
  2. GIS Analysis
  3. Harassment takes estimation
    1. estimating animal density relative to work area impact,
    2. integrated sound levels
    3. printing high-detailed bathymetric maps of survey areas for permit applications, etc.
  4. Survey route planning and interpretation
  5. Supports planning and implementation of mitigation and monitoring efforts.
  6. Simulated “dry runs,” facilitating hands-on MMO training with simulated sighting and mitigation events.
  7. Data collection templates is 100% configurable to meet the needs of a given survey while assuring a standardized method of data gathering.

Survey Execution

  1. Records GPS tracks, effort levels (start, stop, effort type, gun volume, etc.), environmental conditions, animal sightings, mitigations implemented, and exact times of all these events.
  2. Automatically calculates and updates animal locations and all vessel location on the map.
  3. Integrated, real-time mitigation decision support tools.
  4. Full situational awareness across the entire team – everyone sees the same thing.
  5. Displays a high-detail shaded relief map in real-time, augmenting MMO situational awareness.
  6. Uses modern software engineering techniques and region-specific (eg Cook Inlet) filters to validate incoming data, greatly reducing data entry errors and reducing the effort necessary for subsequent data editing.
  7. Automatically uploads GPS tracks, effort and sighting data to secure cloud storage whenever an internet connection is available – eliminating the need for post-survey data archival by frequently exhausted field crews.
  8. Data storage, aggregation, and backups are automatic.
  9. Provides prediction of tracks for vessels and animals. Shows where conflict while likely occur allowing crews to adjust avoiding expensive shutdowns.

Survey Reporting

  1. Data is aggregated across days, weeks, months, etc. into a single, integrated cloud database, managed with a single button push.
  2. Creates high-detail reports and charts for daily, weekly, monthly, final or whenever including:
    1. GPS track lines,
    2. Environmental conditions, and
    3. Animal sighting with mitigation details. These reports are specifically formatted to match reporting requirements of government agencies (NMFS, USFWS, etc.),
    4. Automatic report generation saves hours allowing focus on the business of running your business.
  3. Maintains a strongly encrypted audit log of all data records and edit events, including information about who entered what data when with a high level of data integrity and confidence.
  4. Publication ready maps and reports.