Load All Survey Data into a Single Database, New Formula

New Mysticetus, version

There is a new build of Mysticetus on the download site and it has a couple very cool new features.

First up, Mysticetus file aggregation:

There’s a new menu item in Mysticetus under Data -> Import -> Other Mysticetus File(s). The idea is that you’ve created a data entry template, you went out and did a bunch of surveys across multiple days (months, years…) and you now want to pull all the survey data (tracks, sightings, effort data, etc.) into a single Mysticetus file. Simply tell Mysticetus which files to Import and, voila, you have all your data in one place.

This allows for Sighting and Effort reports, and Maps, of your entire survey set. Mysticetus will provide survey-wide effort and sighting totals. Here’s a map of a week’s worth of aerial surveys, all integrated into a single database:


Next up, a new formula: CopyByTime. This formula allows you to copy a field from one entry sheet over to another sheet, coordinated by time. This is very useful to copy an environmental or effort state across to another sheet.

For example, say you have an effort sheet with a “Survey Leg Type” field:

And you want to have that leg type automatically entered in your Sighting data, appropriate for each sighting. Use the CopyByTime formula (here is the Formula Editor)

And now your sighting sheet will automatically copy the appropriate effort entry across (coordinated by sighting time):


I’m going to be doing a lot of travelling over the next couple months – drop me an email, let me know if you’re in any of these locations and we’ll try to meet up.

  • New Zealand for the SMM conference in December.
  • Anchorage for Alaska Marine Science Symposium at the end of January.
  • Newport Beach for the SOCAL Marine Mammal Workshop at the start of February


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