Mysticetus Automatic Report Generation saves you time while eliminating frustration!


Report generation is an expensive, time consuming process which ties up precious resources

Report creation is a lengthy process spanning across multiple teams. There is a time tax ($’s!) in not just the obvious data recording, but then data interpretation (short hand notes anyone?), data movement between programs, data consolidation between observers and days, quality control, GIS team contributions, and then final report generation. This demands additional expensive hours of labor in generating the required reports.

Now NMFS has started to require weekly reports of estimated take. This involves multiplying animal population polygons against theoretical size of ensonified regions of seismic, based on actual tracklines that were covered that week. This requires GIS people to do a bunch of work, hence turning around reports in the required time is often challenging.

Mysticetus automates the report generation process 

Feature rich Mysticetus prevents frustration

Stop pulling your hair out!

With Mysticetus automatic report generation – Reports are generated with essentially the press of a single button. Reports created are publish ready. Report generation can also assist quality assurance efforts – fear not, bad data! Simply fix, regenerate and stop pulling your hair out.

Mysticetus’s report generation feature also eliminates dependencies on expensive GIS services during post processing in most cases.

Generating reports is a simple three step process:

Step 1 – Open the report dialog.

Open the report dialog

Step 2 – Select the reports you want and format then click on “Generate Report” or use the hot key. Select the fields you want to report on.

Select the reports you want

Step 3 – Save your reports.

Save your reports


You can open your report in Excel (or another spreadsheet program) for further analysis.

Open your reports in Excel or other spreadsheet program

Automated report generation combined with the powerful database model in Mysticetus allows for the creation of reports for any point in time; a simple task taking seconds not hours.

Meeting periodic reporting and final  report requirements no longer takes hours of your time, but minutes.

Report generation now allows bucketing data by any field

Reports can now bucket (sum up) any recorded data item. Species, counts, juveniles, observers, environment, weather, distance to shore, mitigation states, etc. Mysticetus will sum time and distance spent in any type of effort.

Any field you record, you can report on it. Mysticetus will count up anything, bucket anything, and associate those things with effort if you want.

Heck, if you record how many cups of coffee your MMOs drink, you can report on that and associate that data with sighting counts. It is totally up to you.

Here is a sample effort report breaking down time and distance by Bft, visibility and vessel activity:

Sample report