February 5, 2016

Mysticetus Software Downloads

Software, User Guide, and Sample Mysticetus Templates

Here you can find the latest Mysticetus software downloads. This includes: Mysticetus, Mysticetus user’s guide, and sample templates. The templates can be used as a basis to set up how your observers collect the data necessary for your project’s  success.

First download Mysticetus to install then mail us for a license key as prompted by the software.

While you are waiting for the key (don’t worry, that won’t take too long!) download the User’s Guide to familiarize yourself with Mysticetus operation. After you’ve received the key and have begun to set Mysticetus up don’t forget to work with the sample templates to help customize to your project’s needs.

–  If you are a researcher don’t be afraid to tap the knowledge of the extensive research community (or we can introduce you!) that already have establish Mysticetus for their use

–  Industry users should take for granted that you have our full support

Don’t worry about keeping Mysticetus current! Mysticetus will automatically check for new updates each time you start it.

Available Mysticetus Software Downloads: