Mysticetus Updates for 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Mysticetus development keeps accelerating and we keep adding tons of new capabilities supporting:

  • Marine mammal and protected species data collection
  • Monitoring and mitigation decision support
  • Complete reporting and publication-ready maps

Along the way, Mysticetus has been updated to work with the latest 2017 versions of hardware and operating systems. These improvements include:

  • New features including support of NMEA water temperature and depth, photo import and resize enhancements, provide for ‘undue’ to data entry mistakes, and WinCruz exports.
  • Improved basic operations include automated file saves, GPS operation, and performance improvements when handling large data sets.

Below we outline improvements for 2017, discuss Mysticetus’s active life cycle, and provide a quick refresher to 2016 updates.  Read the lengthy discussion on 2017 improvements on Dave’s blog post

New Features for 2017
We seriously cranked up the pace for 2017. As has happened for the last six years of Mysticetus’ life, thousands of survey hours across dozens of operations around the globe informed the new features and upgrades. Summarized below is what we’ve added over the last 7+ months. Visit the blog for deeper detail.

New Features Summary:

  • Photo management – link photos directly to sightings in Mysticetus
  • Integration with Thermal Imagining Systems
  • Automatically upload data to Google Earth, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox
  • Automatic hands-free saving
  • NMEA water temperature and depth
  • Remember and increment sighting id across sessions
  • Undo of dangerous operations with ctrl+Z
  • Copy and paste of sightings and effort rows (Excel, CSV, etc.)
  • Entry Grid Mouse wheel Zooming
  • Query anything in Sighting Detail Report
  • Multi-variable pivots in Effort Detail Report
  • Copy/Paste report templates
  • WinCruz export

Functional Operation Improvements:

  • iPad and Android tablet display improvements
  • Polar projection option for publication-ready maps
  • Black and white publication-ready maps (saves printing $$)
  • AutoTrack improvements when GPS detected
  • Major performance improvements for huge datasets
  • ChangeTimeZone formula
  • PosFromLatLon and PosFromLatLonAlt formulas
  • More useful AIS target tracking via predictor points
  • Temperature units and conversion
  • Quick key: Alt+ adds new row to entry sheet

Living Software
Mysticetus is Living Software. That means it has a dedicated team of programmers constantly working on the code. We’ve all seen what happens with software value over time when its not being iterated on. Single release tools progressively become incompatible with new data collection needs, don’t work with newer versions of operating systems, and annoying bugs won’t be fixed. In computer science terms, this is called “relative decay.” The decay occurs in an insidious manner due to the lack of ongoing improvements and maintenance (bug fixes). Meanwhile the costs (time, money, and training aka more money) associated with use creep up.

Mysticetus is Living Software: New features are created when you ask for them, bugs are fixed rapidly, improvements are constantly sought and implemented. If you have operational issues we’re here to help you recover. Incompatibilities discovered when Microsoft, Apple or Google update their operating systems the Mysticetus team addresses them quickly to keep you up and running.

Summer 2016 Refresher
In case you missed it, here is the link to some of the new features we introduced spring 2016.

In summary, we added multi-station networking, automatic cloud backup, major reporting improvements (slice and dice your data however you want), a ton of QA/editing improvements (including automatic detection of invalid sightings), improvements for publication-ready-maps and support for advanced harassment take estimate techniques.

Plus about 14 zillion other little features.

A couple parting points we’d like – 

  • If you’re an energy company or defense contractor: don’t forget to talk up your funding of Mysticetus in your permit applications, we’re well known. Your collection methods are irrefutable proof of your mitigation efforts significantly reducing your legal risks.
  • If you’re a university professor, starving grad student, or pure science researcher: simplify your data management by standardizing its collection across your team, QC validation a glance, and significant time savings analyzing and reporting on your data.

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