Mysticetus Web Site Update is Live!


We’ve updated the Mysticetus web site to better represent how it can increase the profitability of your Marine operations while assuring compliance with the Marine Mammal Protection acts in place throughout the world.

Mysticetus strives to bring up to date technologies to all ocean based operations.

  • Ocean bottom seismic surveyors – We’ve got you covered, let us help you increase the profitability of your operations by eliminating false shutdowns and start up delays. Idle crews negatively impact your operational business model to the tune of 100’s of thousands of dollars.
  • Ocean based wind turbine construction – As you place your platforms our software will prevent false delays to your operations during periods of precious marine states required for your operations
  • Marine animal population studies  – Your boat is moving at high speeds, your employees volunteers are new to the process, overlapping claims can reduce the reliability of data. Mysticetus is intuitive to learn, gives a solid representation of all sightings and allows you to quickly filter duplicate data.
  • Researchers and NGO’s – Budget dollars are limited and you need to make the most of them. Volunteers come in many different stripes and colors. Mysticetus intuitive user interface allows you to maximize volunteer efforts towards data collection and not on training and manual calculations.

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