New Effort Report based on Geographic Regions, plus new Passive Acoustic Formula

New Mysticetus version (

This new version has a number of improvements, a few bugfixes (thanks to the testers who found those!) and most notably the new Geographic Regions Effort Report (or just “Regions”). This new report breaks down time and trackline distance spent in across various effort values correlated with various geographic regions. This comes in very handy when attempting to perform density/population calculations.

For example, here we’ve defined a number of regions in the Puget Sound (near Seattle, USA):

Note: you can create these regions in a number of ways, including drawing them directly into Mysticetus using the Polygon tool, importing from a Google Earth kml/kmz file, or importing from a Shapefile.

After a survey flight or cruise has been completed (or multiple surveys – see the previous blog post on how to bring multiple surveys into a single Mysticetus database), you can run the Regions report and it will tell you how much effort (time and distance) was spent in each geographic region, as well as some overall totals.

Mysticetus automatically figures out the different effort types and different regions and cross-correlates them for you.

Choose Reports -> Regions…

Press “Generate Report”, and the following comes out:

An interesting feature of this is that you can apply restrictions to the effort calculations. This comes in super handy when setting up to perform density/population calculations (say, using DISTANCE or the Mget tools).

This opens the Restrictions Editor:

In this example, we’ve told Mysticetus to only count time and distance when the Left and Right Beaufort was less than or equal to 4. This produces a new, filtered by Beaufort, report:

For PAM operators, another feature of this release is the TowedArrayReciprocal formula. When Mysticetus receives a bearing from PAM software (Ishmael, PAMGuard), this formula calculates the reciprocal value – sure, you could do this yourself but this just makes it that much easier.


I hope everyone’s 2014 is off to a great start!


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