New release: Colors and Fonts in Data Sheets, Color menus on acoustic Bearing Lines

New Mysticetus build – available on the website.

(if you are running at least build 148, it should automatically update to 151…if not, go get the installer from the downloads page).

First up, we have configurable colors and fonts in the data entry sheets. To start, you can change the colors/fonts of an entire sheet from the Entry Configuration dialog (Configure -> Entry Sheets):

Note the new section that provides complete control (fonts, colors, sizes, alignment, etc.) of not only every item in the entry sheet, it also provides control over alternating styles – that is, every other row (the default is to color those a nice Aqua).

Here’s an example of setting the colors and fonts to some really funky things. This is just for show. Don’t do this or your observers will hate you!!! (a more subtle – and useful – example is below)

OUCH!!! My eyes hurt from looking at the image below for even just a couple seconds!!

So instead, maybe some subtle changes like the following would be more appropriate – say, if you didn’t like the default Mysticetus aqua color scheme and like green better as an alternating color. Just set that for the entry sheet and:

For more fine-grained control, you can also change up how individual columns look by changing the Column attribute (down in the lower right corner)

In this case, perhaps you really want your observers paying attention to the sighting distance field. You can highlight by making the background color yellow and using a Bold, Red font:

Next up, if you are using bearing line features (related to towed arrays and sonobuoys), you can now control bearing lines much more directly. Simply right click on them to change their color or delete them altogether:


It’s snowing here in the Seattle area, but we’re only supposed to get a little – darn. 🙁 We haven’t really had any significant lowland snow in two years now.

Hope everyone is doing well. Looks like my next trip will be the Arctic Open Water meeting…which was just postponed to April-ish. If you’re attending, make sure to say hi.


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