Team Mysticetus

Dave Steckler

Founder and architect of Mysticetus

Dave has been a high-level professional programmer for over 30 years. Dave’s work has ranged from video games, forestry management technology, GPS mapping, and many years with Microsoft Research working on huge-scale data systems. Dave has founded numerous startups. In the 90’s he was co-founder of Nobeltec where he invented many of the systems used to navigate vessels worldwide. In the early 2000’s CENav pushed the limits of pre-smartphone handheld computing devices. With Mysticetus, Dave’s latest entrepreneurial foray into environmental science brings to bear all his previous experience from mapping/GPS, computer networking, big data and cloud storage.

Dave is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. In his spare time Dave is likely splitting his time between cycling, endurance horseback riding, and flying planes.



Paul Donlan

Director of Business Development

Paul spent the first half of his career developing simulation software for flight trainers. The next half of his career has been involved in learning and driving all things software development from soup to nuts – applications, operating systems, and cloud infrastructure. This has encompassed everything from requirements gathering, software specification writing, project scheduling, budgeting, release management, team management, security, back-end services design, and customer evangelism and sales.

Paul is a graduate of Kansas University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Hobbies include: snow skiing, backpacking, refereeing soccer, and flying a small airplane.


Paul Steckler

Our Advisor

Paul Steckler is a builder, maker of products, tech inventor, and team leader.

Over the course of 20+ years Paul has built numerous successful products; if you use a computer odds are good you’ve used something Paul and his teams built. Paul most recently was the Director of Product and Engineering at Cyanogen, an open-source Android startup launched on more than 50 million phones. Prior to Cyanogen Paul was the Chief of Staff for Amazon’s Alexa/Echo product responsible for launch, customer outreach, and developer outreach. Paul was also the cross-discipline leader for Amazon’s first foray into the mobile phone space. Before Amazon Paul worked in a social media research lab, launched the Xbox Music Service, Windows Desktop Search, multiple natural language-based products, and Outlook. Paul holds more than 20 US and international patents.

Paul is a graduate of the University of Washington. In his spare time he skis, reads, writes about sports, and participates in various fitness competitions. Paul loves to travel having lived in France and Switzerland and visits Italy as often as possible.



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