GPS and Windows 8

Hey Gang – this note isn’t specifically about Mysticetus. Rather, I’ve encountered an issue can impact people running Wild, WinCruz, VisSurvey, or even any custom data collection application hooked to a GPS. I’ve spent the past couple days researching why a particular GPS doesn’t hook up to certain computers correctly and I wanted to share the results Read more about GPS and Windows 8[…]

Acoustics Features, Integration with Ishmael

In addition to the new features in, I’ve updated the minor version to 7 to indicate the move from .NET 4.0 to the latest version, .NET 4.5. So I attended a FANTASTIC workshop on marine acoustics, run by Tom Norris’ company, Bio-Waves. Highly recommended – this year the class was full to the brim Read more about Acoustics Features, Integration with Ishmael[…]

Easy GPS Tracking Control, new Bathymetry Formulas

Overview: New Mysticetus version ( on the website ( New Sample.Mysticetus which includes examples of using the new formulas, available on the Downloads page ( It was good seeing some of you at the recent Alaska Marine Symposium and the SOCAL Marine Mammal Workshop. Looks like I’m going to be going to the European Cetacean Read more about Easy GPS Tracking Control, new Bathymetry Formulas[…]