Load All Survey Data into a Single Database, New Formula

New Mysticetus, version There is a new build of Mysticetus on the download site and it has a couple very cool new features. First up, Mysticetus file aggregation: =========================There’s a new menu item in Mysticetus under Data -> Import -> Other Mysticetus File(s). The idea is that you’ve created a data entry template, you Read more about Load All Survey Data into a Single Database, New Formula[…]

Mapping and Touch-Screen Features!

New Mysticetus version – Build 135 – http://www.mysticetus.com/downloads Hey gang! The new Mysticetus version has a bunch of very cool mapping features, designed to make your reports sexier and more interesting! These are, like many Mysticetus features, focused on saving money on post-process GIS work. This release also allows you to change the size of Read more about Mapping and Touch-Screen Features![…]