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Innovative scientific research capabilities.

Efficient scientific methods are critical for a complete and accurate understanding of marine mammals. Mysticetus is the premier environmental data platform revolutionizing marine mammal research capabilities for over a decade. Automated data verification, data security, sighting mapping, and equipment integration for every facet, type and size of scientific study.

Modernize Methods

Advanced data acquisition, reporting, and project security.


Visualize and control every piece of a project in real-time. Manage observer and analyst teams, monitor critical events, and access any data by research site remotely through the Mysticetus OnShore Command Center.


Automatically secure and audit-proof data across entire research operations in the cloud. Access and analyze historical data in-depth any time, anywhere.


Guarantee observer awareness and project efficiency. Standardize data collection across all project locations and automatically integrate nearby sighting data. Secure projects with automated cloud storage and access data any time, from anywhere.

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Technical R&D and tailored deployment support, on demand or custom training, and 24/7 assistance by the Mysticetus Team. We're here for your success.

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