Cities and Airports on the Map (plus layer control)

Mysticetus version

The past couple weeks I’ve been working on the infrastructure to support layering all manner of things in the Mysticetus map window. I’ve also created a couple distinct data-sets you can use right now and will be working on more later.
If you’ve got requests for data that you want displayed on the map, let me know and we’ll see what I can do to get it there.

Mysticetus now displays all US airports:
Hovering the mouse over the airport provides some basic information about the airport, such as the CTAF and what kind of fuel is available.
I’ve also scrounged up a database of worldwide cities. I’ve created a restricted data-set to US cities (otherwise the size gets out of control). Let me know if you want cities for other countries and I’ll create you a set. Hovering the mouse over a city shows its population.
Mysticetus will also intelligently filter cities based on population and zoom level. That is, when zoomed out, Mysticetus will only show large (enough) cities so the display doesn’t get cluttered.
And when zoomed in, you get to see every little town:
Layer Control

You can now control which layer(s) you want to display, including turning on and off routes, tracks and waypoints, but also any elevation layers and geo-data (such as the aforementioned Airports and Cities) you might have installed. Simply click the little Map icon and choose what you want to see:
Download the latest version from The airports and cities databases are also available on the downloads page. Simply place those files in your [Documents]MysticetusGeo folder and the latest version of Mysticetus will find them.
As always, let me know what additional features you would like to see.
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