Download Manager, plus new Map Layer control

New Mysticetus version

Rather than try to bounce around NOAA’s website and get the appropriate Elevation Data (or even around the Mysticetus website to get airport and city data), you can now simply use the Download Manager.

The Download Manager will go fetch lists of available downloads from both as well as from NOAA. These downloads will be displayed in a window – you can select the ones you want, and tell Mysticetus to download these directly into the application for you:

Mysticetus will tell you which datasets are already installed, and you can select as many entries as you want to download at any time:

Mysticetus will then go get those for you, and let you know its progress:

When you’re done you can go look at the DEMs in the map window, or use them for post-process analysis (depth under sighting, slope, aspect, etc.).

In addition to the Download Manager, I’ve added a new control for helping decide which layers to display in your Map Window. When you click the little Map Display button:

If there are more than 15 layers available, instead of a simple list, a window will pop up to allow you to select (or unselect) as many map layers as you would like:

Well, the rain has finally started here in Seattle. I think the sun is scheduled to re-emerge in July or so. I hope your autumn is going well for you.

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