Easy GPS Tracking Control, new Bathymetry Formulas


New Mysticetus version ( on the website (http://www.mysticetus.com).

New Sample.Mysticetus which includes examples of using the new formulas, available on the Downloads page (http://www.mysticetus.com/downloads)

It was good seeing some of you at the recent Alaska Marine Symposium and the SOCAL Marine Mammal Workshop. Looks like I’m going to be going to the European Cetacean Society meeting in Portugal this April – let me know if you’re going to be there, too.

First up, I’ve added a new way to finely control GPS tracking in the system. Before this release, you needed to associate some command entered in a sheet (such as “Engine On”) with tracking operations. This is problematic because of typos or simply forgetting which command turns tracking on – it wasn’t obvious.

New method: the track control is over in the data panel on the right side of the map…click the little dropdown arrow, select “Tracking”

This will display the Tracking panel. At this instant, tracking is turned off.

Click the little arrow, a drop-down will appear and you can select any amount of time for a track interval.

In the following example, I selected 10 seconds – Mysticetus will drop a track mark every 10 seconds. You can also control the color, width and name of the track here.

Next up – some new formulas. These help you keep track of the the bathymetric resolution at your sighting locations. In the Formula Editor, you’ll see two new functions: TopoResolution and MapInfo
TopoResolution places the resolution in the specified cell. If the cell is a Real value, it will be in degrees (e.g. “0.016666666667” for 1 arc-minute). If the cell is a text value, it will be formatted as a readable value (e.g. “1 arc-minute”).
Similarly, the MapInfo function places comma-separated information about what maps (shapefiles) and bathymetry underlie a Position. Here is an example of both of these formulas in action:

Let me know of any new feature requests or feedback.


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