Encrypted Audit Log, and Mysticetus on Twitter

New Mysticetus version –

New version is up on the website. I’ll get to the new features shortly, but first I thought I’d let you know Mysticetus is on Twitter. Follow @Mysticetus to get updates. #mysticetus to spread the word.

First new feature: Audit Logging of Everything.

Mysticetus now keeps a very detailed log of everything that happens in a Mysticetus session. Every time a cell is changed, every time an alias is applied, every time a row is added or deleted. This audit log is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael Symmetric) so that it cannot be changed or modified without corrupting the log. With this audit log, you are certain that (a) no one has been playing with the data and (b) when Q/A editing occurs, what was changed (and how, and by whom) can also be tracked.. Select Data->Advanced->Show Audit Log.

The audit log can be saved to a CSV file for further analysis in Excel.

Second feature: I changed how the program exits. Previously, when Mysticetus exits it asked you if you want to save your data. If you selected YES, it would save your data in the last file opened. Unfortunately, this sometimes means people overwrote their blank template file with data. Oops.

Now, if you select “YES” when prompted, Mysticetus will also ask you which file you want to save your data in to. Much safer from a process standpoint.

Third new feature: Easier Clearing of all Data. Instead of having to choose “Clear All Mapping Data” and “Clear all observational data” separately, “Clear All” does both of those. I’ll remove the other two at some point in the not too distant future if no one gripes about the consolidation.


Bugfixes. I fixed a number of data entry bugs, mostly related to deleting rows and then re-adding rows.


Hope your spring is starting off well. It’s snowing here in the Seattle area. Sheesh.


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