Google Earth Import, Polygons (and Polygon member functions), and advanced Color Controls

New Mysticetus release, is on the website:

First up, you can now import geographic information from Google Earth. This not only includes planned routes and waypoints, but, perhaps most importantly, Polygons (we’ll get to some more advanced polygon features in the next point).

Create whatever you want in Google Earth, for example:

You can set colors, line widths, etc.

Save your places as either a KML or KMZ file.

In Mysticetus, choose Globe->Data->Import->From Google Earth.

Select your KML or KMZ file and Mysticetus will bring it into the Mysticetus system:

Alternatively, you can create your own geographic information right inside Mysticetus – no Google Earth needed. Check out the new Create Polygon feature:

Click around on the map to create the polygon. When you are done, Right Mouse click on the polygon, choose Properties and it will bring up a properties window on the right side of the screen

Over there you can edit the colors. Click the ellipses (…) next to the colors

and the new color editor will pop up. You can select any color, and even set transparency levels.

You can also edit the outline color and width:

All colors in Mysticetus are now editable via this editor. You can also edit the vertices of the polygon:


Related to Google Earth import, in particular the polygons, is a new Formula available in the data sheets named, “Inside”. This formula detects which, if any, polygon(s) your sighting is contained within. Simply add a new column to your data entry sheet:

And use the formula editor to select the Inside formula.

Mysticetus will then tell you which, if any, polygons your sightings are in. Just for kicks, I created a polygon around Emery Knoll in the SOCAL Bight, and then dropped a sighting inside the polygon. You can see that Mysticetus automatically calculates that the sighting is inside the region:

As always, this information can then be exported to Excel, a Shapefile, etc.

Good luck to everyone in 2013 – I’m now off to have a glass or two of wine and celebrate the new year.


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