Mapping and Touch-Screen Features!

New Mysticetus version – Build 135 –

Hey gang! The new Mysticetus version has a bunch of very cool mapping features, designed to make your reports sexier and more interesting! These are, like many Mysticetus features, focused on saving money on post-process GIS work.

This release also allows you to change the size of toolbar buttons. This is particularly important as more and more touch-screen PCs and tablets emerge.

First up, Mapping.

First thing to note is a slew of new icons for sightings (and waypoints). Different species can be assigned different icons – shapes, colors and sizes are all configurable.

If you just want to keep all sightings the same icon (shape, size, color) – no sweat. That is configured under Configure -> System Options -> Map.

But Mysticetus can now automatically display different icons for each species! (or any other control field…such as count, or “calves”, or whatever)

Did you notice the map key? That is also automatically generated for you. Right click on the map and choose Display Map Key

If you want different icon shapes, colors and sizes by species, you need to tell Mysticetus which icon to associate with which species. This is done when configuring the entry sheets. In particular, the setting is associated with the GeoPosition field that defines the Sighting location (makes sense, right? That setting defines where the sighting is plotted on the map, so that also defines how the sighting is plotted)

Choose Configure -> Entry Sheets

Choose the sheet and property you care about (the Sighting Position field). Select the Sighting attribute and select the Sighting Display Format dialog (select the ellipses). Here is where you choose how to map fields to icons. In the following case, we are mapping Species to various icon attributes:

Note that you choose the field to compare with (Species, in this example – but you could color icons based on any attribute in your entry sheet…e.g. Beaufort sea state, time of day, etc.). You also choose how to compare (equal, less than, greater than, etc.) and what to compare against. If a match is found, you specify how to shape, size and color the icon for that match. This is also where you can specify the color of the track of a resight.

Next up is configurable Toolbars. Choose Configure -> System Options and then choose which toolbar buttons to display:

Pressing “…” brings up 

You can also choose how big you want your toolbar buttons:

Of course, if you do that, you won’t fit much other than one or two toolbar buttons on your screen – somewhere in the middle is probably a good idea. 🙂


I hope everyone’s autumn is off to a great start.

As always, feedback, criticism, applause and cash donations are appreciated.


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