February 5, 2016

Mysticetus Software Downloads

Mysticetus at Sea

Mysticetus at Sea

Mysticetus software downloads:

Download and leverage our sample data collection templates to customize how your data is collected. Better yet, leverage templates created by your peers. The templates are your shortcut to success.

First steps to using Mysticetus:

  • Download Mysticetus then install it
  • Read the user guide, especially the first chapters
  • Customize your template
  • Mail us the prompted key and tell us how you plan to use Mysticetus
  • We’ll send back the license key
  • Leverage your community and us

->  Researchers don’t hesitate tapping into the knowledge of your community*.

* Don’t be afraid to ask, we can introduce you to others!

-> Industry users can take for granted that our full support is available with our turn key solutions.

Note: Mysticetus will automatically checks for an update each time you start it.