Mysticetus now integrates Environmental and Effort information into Shapefiles with GPS Tracklines

Mysticetus version

This update has a new feature that supports post-survey GIS analysis: Mysticetus now integrates Environmental and Effort information into the Shapefile (.shp) export of tracklines. That is, when you do this (Export to ESRI Shapefiles):

Mysticetus will take your environmental and effort information:

And integrate it with your airplane or vessel GPS trackline:

To produce a Shapefile (.shp) that contains GPS track point information and Environmental information tied together in the shapefile attribute table. That is, each track point now has data about the environment that it was recorded in (on/off effort, sea state, visibility, weather, survey leg type, and so on).

You can choose which environmental/effort information is integrated into the shapefile…or let Mysticetus send it all with each track point.

Then use your favorite GIS application (ArcGIS, MapWindow, Grass, etc.) to further analyze the trackline and effort changes, and pivot on all the GPS track and Mysticetus effort data however you want.

Send me questions, comments, and so on. Hope your Labor Day is going well and that you made the most out of your summer.


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