Data analytics, reporting, and control leveraging the power of the cloud. 

Modernize data utilization, access, and reliability. Generate complex reports from all data at the click of a button. Transfer, store and access synchronized data in the cloud anytime, anywhere. Automatically validate and guarantee data integrity with Mysticetus OnCloud.

Cloud Data Command

Transformative data capabilities, security, and control. 

Big Data Analytics

Petabyte-scale query engine. Code-free analytics from an easy to use reporting dashboard. Understand your data and derive actionable insights.

Seamless Data Integration

Aggregate all operational data into one optimized data dashboard in real-time.

OnCloud Storage

Automatically transfer and store all operational data in the cloud. Guarantee data security and access it anytime, anywhere.

Instant Reports

Custom reports at the click of a button. Generate complex operational reports, permit application analytics, compliance reports or answer any unique query instantly.

Automated Data Oversight

Watchdogs keep an eye on all data flows into OnCloud. Immediate error correction.

Data Verification Services

OnCloud data is discreetly validated by Mysticetus Data Administrators to protect your operations from errors and audits.

Complete Data

Access, Control & Security

Secure Data Storage

Guarantee your data is secure and accessible to your decision-makers from anywhere in the world. With Mysticetus OnCloud no data is lost through seamless, automatic data transfers.

Consistent, Verified Data

New data is subject to basic error checking on arrival. Guaranteeing your data is ready to use before you hit the water.  

Revolutionize Data Utilization Capabilities

With  OnCloud Storage, utilize clean, verified data for analysis at the click of a button. Track data lineages and guarantee the complete integrity of your operational reporting.