Complete control & oversight of offshore environmental operations via Mysticetus OnShore.

Revolutionize operation management, tracking, and viewing. Encrypt data and protect communications from unwelcome eavesdropping. Control critical events with automatic SMS & email alerts. Unify and observe all operational data in the OnShore Command Center. 

Operational Intelligence

Modernized operational oversight, control, and security

Real Time Operation Mapping

Oversee and manage all operational information including environmental conditions and vessel operations in real time. A customizable mapping interface to watch over everything happening in the field.

Unify All OnBoard Data

Mysticetus OnBoard data from all vessels is automatically and reliably integrated into Mysticetus Onshore. Analyze and control data in real-time.

Secure Data & Communications

Automatically encrypted data communications eliminates radio reporting and eavesdropping risks.

External Data Integration

Relevant third-party data of marine mammal sightings, fishing gear, maritime vessels, research drones & gliders, acoustic buoys, and debris from eNGO's & NOAA is automatically integrated into Mysticetus OnShore.

SMS & Email Alerts

Custom SMS & email notifications for all critical OnBoard events including marine mammal sightings, operational shutdowns, and HSE alerts.

Eliminate Operational Inefficiencies

Eliminate Operational Inefficiencies

Remote data access, critical event alerts and a broad operational overview streamlines control of active projects.

Data Driven Management

Data Driven Management

Mysticetus OnShore provides clean, synchronized data from all operations in one place.

Unifying all operational data guarantees management decisions are made in confidence.

Secure Data & Operation Integrity

Secure Data & Operation Integrity

The Mysticetus platform seamlessly transfers encrypted data between PSO's and Management through secure cloud servers.

Protect your operations from unwanted eyes and ears.

Ultimate Operation

Security, Data Control & Visibility