Mysticetus OnBoard

Modernized data collection & sighting unification for ultimate situational awareness & data integrity. View sightings from all vessels & public sources automatically integrated into the Mysticetus OnBoard Command Center. Standardized data templates, real-time data entry verification, encrypted cloud-backups, sighting proximity alerts, and operational audit-proofing.

Mysticetus OnShore

Run your operations with unparalleled project control. Oversee every moving part in your project at a high level across all vessel operators, all PSO providers, and all environmental analysts from any contractor in the Mysticetus Command Center. Project overview at a glance, standardized reporting, SMS & email alerts for all critical events, and automatic public & OnBoard data stream integration. Mysticetus is the only platform to put all your operational information in one place.

Mysticetus OnCloud

Advanced data analytics leveraging the power of the cloud. Daily, weekly, and monthly standardized reporting available anytime, anywhere. Analyze years of historical data in-depth with custom queries. Archive & secure end-to-end - only you can access your data.

Mysticetus Professional Services

Collaborate with Mysticetus experts to build the solutions your organization needs. Technical R&D, on demand or custom training, and tailored deployment support.