New Distance to Shore feature, and easier data install

Happy August everyone. Let’s dive right into the new Distance to Shore feature in version

Mysticetus will now happily calculate the distance to shore of your sightings.

Distance to Shore is implemented as a formula on sightings. The Sample.Mysticetus file on the Downloads page ( is now updated to include a Distance to Shore column in the Sightings table.

You can add your own Distance to Shore field to any page by choosing Configure -> Entry Sheets:

Then add a Distance column:

Set the Formula in the column to be “DistToShore” via the Formula Editor:

From then on, distance to shore will be updated in the appropriate column in your entry sheet – see the lower right corner of the screenshot below:

Note that the distance to shore calculation can take some time to complete…especially if the sighting is a long ways from a shore. Also note that distance to shore calculations will be as accurate as the elevation data you have installed (higher resolution data will lead to more precision).

As a bonus feature, Mysticetus will now handle zip, gz, or tar files in the Elevation folder. No need to extract the contents of the file first.


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.


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