New Mysticetus – Precise control of mapping elements


New features allow you to control how Mysticetus draws things on the map. In particular, aircraft or vessel tracks, sightings, routes and waypoints.

These new features are all controlled via the “Map” tab in the System Options:

As a concrete example, imagine you have an aircraft or vessel track, but it is too thin to see clearly:

By changing the size or color (or both), you can make the track stand out on the map:

You can also change the font and color of waypoints and sightings. You can make them more readable, generally by making them bigger or bolder.
Or you can go all crazy with weird fonts – it is up to you, but I’d suggest the readable fonts over, say, Blackadder Bold Oblique 🙂

Route color, width, and waypoint names can be similarly controlled. You can also direct Mysticetus to put arrows on planned routes.

The System Options -> Map window controls the defaults, but you can also change individual objects by clicking on them and selecting “Object Properties”. The following example shows that the final waypoint in the route (“4”) is really important for some reason and the operator made it IndianRed in 27.75pt font.

I hope everyone had a great summer and you have teenage kids around to rake up the leaves that are just starting to fall.

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