New Mysticetus Version – Yet more GPS and Mapping Features

New Mysticetus version

The new version has a bunch of new features to make using the real-time maps and GPS easier when out on a survey.

  • Change the color of the airplane or vessel icon to make it more visible. Or stylish. Your choice.
  • You can tell Mysticetus to always keep the airplane/vessel in the center of the map
  • GPS Satellite information display to help determine GPS issues.

First up, let’s look at the new color control for vehicles. You can either set the default color for your vehicle(s) in Configure -> System Options -> Map as follows

or via the Vehicle Properties (click the little dropdown arrow in the upper right corner):

Make the vessel/aircraft any color you want. Get creative – this can be a big help when looking at a display in bright sunlight.

Next, check out the new feature that keeps the vessel/aircraft centered in the map window. Click the button over here to toggle this.

Note that if you do something to move the map around (rectangular zoom, for example), this setting automatically turns off (because you told it to go look somewhere other than at the vessel/aircraft). While this setting is toggled ON the map will automatically scroll to keep the aircraft/vessel icon in the center of the screen – you don’t have to keep re-finding it as you move across the map.

Finally, I’ve added a panel to display all sorts of information about which satellites the GPS is detecting. Click here:

And this will appear

It will tell you which satellites are being picked up by your GPS, signal strength, and so on. This can be  big help when you are positioning your GPS receiver on the bridge or cockpit.


As always, please send feedback, feature requests, and screams of anguish and/or adoration to


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