New Version – Configurable Icon Size and colors, Multiple Observation Heights

New version –

This new version has a number of new features, of those here are the two biggest:

Instead of specifying a single observation height, you can now specify multiple different observation locations and tie those locations to different optic devices. This comes in handy when you, for example, have a handheld station on the bridge and bigeyes on an upper deck. To configure these, go into system options and note that the Reticles section has been replaced by “Obs Platforms”. Click on the ellipses to edit:

Then enter where each type of optics is located.

(as with everything Mysticetus – you can enter heights using any units from meters to feet to centimeters…Mysticetus will do the right thing with it)

Note that these tie in with the DistMultiOptics formula used in the entry sheet. Thus when you select the appropriate optics from the dropdown, it will use the appropriate elevation for the distance calculation:

Next up is more fine-grained control of the mapping. In this new version you can control not only the colors, but also the size of the icons used for both sightings and GPS waypoints used for route planning. These can be configured on a global scale by using the Configure -> System Options -> Map settings and choose one of the icon size parameters. You can tell Mysticetus how big to make things when zoomed in or out.

Or you can change the size of the icon individually by right clicking on the sighting on the map, choosing “Properties…” and adjusting the size. Try not to get too carried away like I did below 🙂


Fall has arrived here in Seattle…I hope wherever you are has a little summer left in it.


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