New version – Important Bug Fixes, plus new Slope Aspect formula

New Mysticetus release on

This release ( contains:

1. Important bugfixes. The last release unfortunately introduced a couple bugs related to editing entry sheets – in particular related to configuring how waypoints are plotted (it would go “boom” if you did a certain thing, so if your system didn’t go “boom”, you didn’t hit the bug). This release fixes those bugs.

2. A new “Aspect” formula. This formula calculates the primary direction a slope face “points”. That is, if you plant a pole in the ground, perpendicular to the ground slope, the Aspect function will tell you which compass direction the pole points. A northern-facing slope will have an Aspect of 0, south is 180. This rounds out the various “terrain” functions available:

Depth/Elevation, Slope, Distance to Shore, and Aspect

(if you’ve got any other ideas for what to do with elevation data under sighting locations, please let me know).

In the following screenshot, we’re created special purpose entry sheets in Mysticetus to calculate these new fields for old sighting data (historical Blue Whale data from old Excel files). In this case, we’re importing the plane position and related fields, and then Mysticetus is calculating the sighting position, distance, depth, slope, aspect, and distance to shore.

As always, in addition to calculating formulas, you can also simply point at a sighting on a map and see this information in the tooltip. In this case, this is a Blue Whale sighting from four years ago off the coast of Catalina. As expected for this south-southwest-facing slope, the result is 190 (in this case, a magnetic variation of 15E for the locale is also applied).

As always, contact me with questions, concerns, expressions of adoration and/or disdain.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


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