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First version of bathymetry…omg lol [insert other tla here], check out that totally anti-awesome color scheme I used to use.

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Dave Steckler <> wrote:

Latest version can be found on the downloads page at

Lots of nifty new stuff this release. Depth/Elevation maps. Depths and Slope where you point your mouse (see the little tooltip). Automatic Depths and Slopes can be added to your Sightings/Observations sheets.

This is all driven by the 3-arc-second data from the NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) –


Depth soundings. If you put a NGDC 3-arc-second file ( in DocumentsMysticetusElevation, Mysticetus will 
a) Display a color contour map of that area.
b) Display a tooltip with depth and slope information where your mouse is. Check out the screenshot:

c) Calculate depth and slope information for sightings (use the new Depth and Slope formulas in your entry sheets). In the following screenshot, I created two entries in a sheet – “Home!” for where we live near the Cascade foothills (1083 feet above MSL), and another a short ways out in the Pacific at 860′ depth. Mysticetus can, of course, display depths and elevations in any unit you want (meters, feet, fathoms, etc.), and these values – as always – can be exported to Excel spreadsheets for further analysis.

NOTE 1: If you go create your own custom elevation grids on the NGDC website, note that Mysticetus currently *only* supports the “binary_float” format. Select “binary raster” and “4 byte floating point” in the Advanced settings. This should produce two files: a header file (hdr) and a very large data file (flt). Throw those files in [Documents]MysticetusElevations and they will be used by Mysticetus.
NOTE 2: This version does *not* yet support ETOPO1 (the worldwide 1-arc-second data files). So only US coastal areas with this version. Worldwide support will be soon.
NOTE 3: Here is the Coverage map from NOAA/NGDC – Mysticetus has been tested with all 10 of these regions, so the entire US coast is covered. 
Another new feature in Mysticetus: Routes!
You can create and edit routes in Mysticetus. Enter your flight or cruise path and then follow along (i.e. make sure your pilots/captains are going where you think they should!). Check out the screenshot:

Entering these routes is a simple point and click, or you can hand-enter latitudes and longitudes in the table…just like your favorite old school navigation software packages e.g. MapSource, Rose Point or (ahem) Nobeltec 🙂
In the near future (not quite yet…), you’ll be able to export these routes to gpx files, which can be uploaded into your Garmin gps so you won’t have to hand-transfer coordinates around and your pilots/captains won’t be annoyed entering all those lat/lons.
Let me know if you have questions, suggestions, issues. I am still going through all the NGDC data to make sure it works; while I’ve tested the 10 standard regions, there is always the possibility of finding a custom grid which has issues – if you create a custom NOAA/NGDC grid and run into any issues, please let me know.


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