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Date: Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 10:03 PM
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As usual, if you don’t like receiving these Mysticetus updates, let me know. I occasionally add new people who might be interested in new Mysticetus features – but I don’t want to intrude or spam you.

Alternatively, if you want more specific information on anything, let me know that too.

New “What Is Mysticetus” presentation up on the website. Click here to run through a short Powerpoint overview of what Mysticetus is all about.

Ok, on to the new stuff in build 30. Mysticetus already makes entering observational data easy – and configurable by users to any task. Flexible data export to a wide range of GIS systems for further analysis is built-in, of course. Summary analysis, check. And we recently added worldwide high-resolution mapping and bathymetry.
So where to next?
With the latest release, Mysticetus is now a survey planning and real-time navigation system. You can plan your routes, transect lines, waypoints, etc. Then you can upload those routes into your GPS. And finally, while recording your observations/sightings, you can follow along those routes in real-time – or make sure your pilot/captain is *actually* following the correct leg within the correct tolerances.

All routes and waypoints can be entered with a simple point-and-click interface on the map, and you get automatic perpendicular lines at your mouse cursor, etc. You can also simply enter the waypoint location as a latitude/longitude in a table for more precise definitions.

When you are all done, you can export your routes (and waypoints and tracks, too) to a GPX file, which can be loaded into your GPS.
Then simply use MapSource to send the route to your GPS for your pilot/captain to follow:

As always, let me know of any features you think would be useful and I’ll try to get them in a future update.


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