Past Update (shaded relief! – build 31)

Finally getting to some good looking bathymetry/topography…

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From: Dave Steckler <>
Date: Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 3:41 PM
Subject: New Mysticetus – High-Res 3D terrain/bathymetry mapping
To: Dave Steckler <>

The new Mysticetus (build 31) now has detailed, 3-dimensional bathymetry and terrain. And all of this is drawn in realtime as you are out doing a survey, recording observations, tracking via GPS, etc.

What this means is – if you use Mysticetus for your surveys – you no longer have to wait to get high-resolution maps of your tracklines and sightings; no need for ArcGIS or Google Earth – these GIS-quality images are now simply part of the Mysticetus.

Here is a recent survey flight off of San Diego

Monterrey Bay

San Clemente Island

Loihi heading for the surface…in a few thousand years…

Interesting pair-of-craters feature in the NOAA data off the coast of San Diego…Google Earth has this area slightly blurred. The NOAA database shows that these craters (?) are almost 2000′ deeper than the surrounding shelf (Fortymile Bank). They don’t look perfect enough to be simple data errors and even show a raised center. Hmmm…

Heck, I could stare at relief maps all day 🙂 but I’ll stop here and get back to adding features to Mysticetus.
This build also has a couple new features to make route planning and GPS integration even easier…but those aren’t nearly as sexy as the maps, so whatever <yawn> 🙂
Anyways, let me know if you have questions, suggestions, want a trial version of Mysticetus, removal from this mailing list, etc.


P.S. Press the new “Copy map image to clipboard” menu to get a copy of the map you can paste into another application (like your email 🙂 )

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