Service Providers

Ultimate Situational Awareness & One-Click Reporting

Streamline data collection & reporting. 

Revolutionize PSO/MMO situational awareness, data communications and reporting. Mysticetus is the leading environmental data acquisition and management platform for Energy companies and PSO/MMO Service Providers. Data standardization, remote data access, one-click R&D reporting, and mitigation decision support saving hours each day on every project. 

Observer Optimization

In-depth insights and management capabilities


Ultimate operational visualization and control in real-time. Manage observer and analyst teams, monitor critical events, and access data across entire operations remotely. Oversee every moving part in your project through the Mysticetus OnShore Command Center.


Automatically secure and audit-proof all data across entire operations in the cloud. Access and analyze historical data in-depth any time, anywhere at the click of a button. Cutting hours of analytical time on every project.


Standardize data collection and share sightings automatically between vessels. Complete situational awareness, marine mammal mitigation decision support, and communication privacy. Operational integrity empowering observer efficiency.

Professional Services

Technical R&D and tailored deployment support, on demand or custom training, and 24/7 assistance by the Mysticetus Team. We're here for your success.

Modernized Observer Operations

mitigation services, data collection, and reporting.