Full Networking and Remote Monitoring of Operations –

Team effectiveness occurs when they operate in unison with the same data

Data driven decisions are based upon the entire team having the same situational picture. Guesswork and cross verification burdens are eliminated allowing the team to act as a team in making “the call.” When all observers in ¬†all vessels, aircraft, and land stations all see the animal sightings in real time informed decisions become automatic.

Networking together all observer stations allows your team to act as a team

This occurs only when data is immediately shared assuring everyone sees the same map display this includes real-time positions along with predicted paths based upon ranges and the speed and heading of boats, airplanes and sightings. Supervisors back in the office can watch the entire operation as it happens, with real-time updates on vehicles, animals, mitigation activities, even weather status.

A unified team effortlessly prevents unnecessary idle time to operations

In the case below, a multi-vessel seismic shoot is happening (complete with exclusion zones), and the MMOs on a mitigation boat see a harbor seal. This information instantly pops up for everyone to see; the appropriate action can be taken without the need for spurious radio calls or crew distraction.

The MMOs can now collectively see that the right decision is to keep the operation going through simple visual verification. Collected data is disseminated across all observers which allows the now obvious decision to proceed to occur. Capture and backup of this data assures that potential challenges to decisions are readily supported after the fact at any given point of time during the operation.

Mysticetus map view