Undersea Features Database/Display, and Object Finder

New Mysticetus version  – http://www.mysticetus.com

The new Mysticetus update contains two cool new features – and they are sort of related.

  • Undersea Features Database and Labels on Map
  • Object Finder
First up, the Mysticetus map display will now show labels for almost every undersea feature out there.

Here’s a shot off the coast of Washington state:

And here’s one off Baja:
To get these, make sure you have the latest version of Mysticetus, go into Download Manager:

Check the “Undersea Features” box, Download Checked Items, and, *boom* – undersea features are labelled on your map. They are also searchable (see next feature…)


Somewhat tied in with this is the Object Finder feature. This allows you to find any mapping object in the system. This not only includes the new Undersea Features, but also Sightings, Planned Routes, Named Tracklines, Cities, Airports, etc. (anything you have loaded).

Click the search toolbar button, and start entering text in the search box. Mysticetus will find what you want and the dialog will narrow the search for you. Click on what you want (or use your keyboard to scroll and press Enter).

The Map Window will center on what you found (Pickle Reef, in this case):


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