Welcome to the Mysticetus Development Update blog.

I’ve been sending out periodic notes to customers and other interested parties, letting them know about new features and simply keeping users of the system in direct touch with the guy writing the code.

As Mysticetus has evolved into a more complex observational recording, analytic and cartographic platform, I’ve started adding screen shots and formatting to my updates, and some email systems can’t handle that. In addition, as the rate of development has increased, so has the need to capture updates for later reference. Hence, this blog.

The first few posts will be composed of some old, rather sparse, email messages, followed by the more complex updates closer to the present time. Future update notifications will be via this blog as well.

As always, let me know of questions, suggestions, feature requests, insults (as long as they are funny), and general pointers to anything that sounds interesting.


What is Mysticetus ( <- Click for a little presentation)

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