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Features designed to reduce end to end compliance costs associated with anthropogenic activities and
provide a robust data gathering and analysis tool for researchers today.
Go to Proven positive ROI for Seismic operations

Proven positive ROI for Seismic operations

Mysticetus has been shown to deliver a positive Return On Investment for ocean bottom seismic surveys. A four month mission can realize a savings in excess of $1.5 mil USD in improved efficiencies.

Go to operational decisions are Data-driven

operational decisions are Data-driven

Mysticetus provides a comprehensive picture allowing all observers to see the same thing preventing unnecessary operational delays and duplicated data.

Go to Simplified data entry = high confidence

Simplified data entry = high confidence

New users can readily learn the operation of Mysticetus regardless of their level of experience. Cloud based data backup is automatic. Pencil and paper methods are gone.

Go to Automatic Report Generation

Automatic Report Generation

Report generation is automatic. Your time is no longer wasted verifying filed report accuracy. Tired MMO/PSO’s are no longer burdened with manual data handling and calculations.

About Mysticetus

What Mysticetus brings to you
Mysticetus Provides a Superior Solution to Marine Mammal Tracking.

Merged technologies such as GPS integration, passive acoustic monitoring, IR cameras, real time mapping, internet connectivity, and cloud storage with monitoring and mitigation requirements.

Map animal and vessel locations, viewable and shared across connected computers around the world. Your sighting data is accurate and readily validated.

Provide situational awareness of vessel locations relative to animal sightings. Track and record whales, walruses, polar bears, dolphins, otters... All marine mammals.

Aggregates data across days, weeks, months, etc. into a single, integrated cloud database including your pictures and sighting notes. Reports are generated with a single button push.

Eliminates manual calculations (e.g. distance to animal) and data copy tasks. Reports for compliance and research are customized by you to meet your mission's reporting requirements. Training is a snap with the modern user interface.

  • Mysticetus allows you to accurately place sightings with detailed meta data such as photographs, conditions, and your notes. Data is aggregated in the cloud readily supporting extended studies.

  • Mysticetus provides clear cost savings to seismic operations in preventing false shutdowns and ramp up delays. Data integrity refutes costly false claims.

  • Learn what Mysticetus can do for you. From impact mitigation to population studies. Integration of visual, PAM, and IR based data collection methods is supported. Mysticetus easily does it all.

  • Land animal surveys, wind turbine placement, population studies, student research projects, and multi-year data accumulation. Contact us today.

The mysticetus team

We're driven to providing the highest precision marine mammal tracking software possible while saving you both time and money.

Dave Steckler

Founder, architect, and chief bottle washer.
Dave recognized a need for higher precision in marine mammal spotting. By combining current technologies available today Mysticetus was created to answer that need.

Paul Donlan

Director of Business Development
After 20 years of working for a major software company Paul had been looking for something new and interesting to do and along came Mysticetus.

Paul Steckler

Advisor, Consultant, Taskmaster
Paul saw a need to introduce Paul and Dave. Dave and Paul felt this sort of brilliance shouldn’t go untapped.

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