Standardized data collection and synchronized sighting sharing across all vessels in an environmental operation.

Modernize data acquisition and situational awareness in the field. Standardize and automatically verify PSO sighting data across operations in the OnBoard Data Dashboard. Automate environmental data input and sighting integration from internal and external sources. Predict marine mammal tracks and avoid unnecessary operation shutdowns with Mysticeus OnBoard.

OnBoard Insight

Unparalleled project awareness, integrity, and protection

OnBoard Data Dashboard

Standardized data collection dashboard automating environmental data acquisition and information verification. All OnBoard data is instantly uploaded and secured in the cloud.

Sighting Sharing

All data across a project area is automatically integrated and mapped in the OnBoard Dashboard. Including marine mammal sightings, fishing gear, maritime vessels, research drones & gliders, acoustic buoys, and debris from PSO's, eNGO's and NOAA.

Proximity Alerts

Immediate dashboard notifications for all nearby sightings of marine mammals, debris, and fishing gear.

Audit Protection

All data is automatically encrypted, logged, and secured in the cloud. Access data and indisputable records any time, anywhere.

Observation Maps

Automatic mapping of all PSO and PAM marine mammal detections, fishing gear, and debris. Visualize and track observations, eliminate costly operational interruptions and shutdowns.

Structured Data

Standardized data templates guarantee consistent data collection on every vessel across all active operations.

Seamless Project

Awareness, Data Integrity & Support

Readiness Services (moving to new Training page)

Mysticetus Training to prepare your crew to collect your data – correctly.

Data Migration

Mysticetus imports and integrates your data from common file types like (excel, csv, etc) and is verified before project start.

Assistance Guides

Software and expertise to guide you through technical troubles while offline.

Preparedness Verification

The Mysticetus Team verifies your team’s readiness before you set sail. Guarantee project success starting with your personnel.

Reduce Operational Shutdowns

Access an ultimate view of all sightings within your project area in real-time.  Synchronized mapping and complete situational awareness through one optimized interface.

Streamline Data Collection

Structured, customizable data collection templates designed in accordance with permit and research guidelines.