Shared Sighting Maps

Sightings of marine mammals, debris and fishing gear are automatically mapped, and shared between observers and vessels with Mysticetus OnBoard. Unify data across PSO's, vessels, electronic equipment, buoys, debris, eNGO's, and NOAA for ultimate observer awareness.

Standardized Data Collection

A standardized data acquisition interface on every vessel across entire operations. Templates for sightings, distance, and environmental data with automatic data verification streamlines data entry and QA/QC time. Electronic equipment data from PAM, drones & gliders, theodolites, weather gear, acoustic buoys and more are instantly unified in Mysticetus OnBoard.

Automated Data Verification

All data input to Mysticetus is automatically verified and scanned for potential errors. Eliminate hours of observer QA/QC time and fix data errors immediately.

Mitigation Decision Support

PSO's track detections via shared sighting maps to avoid costly shutdowns and operational inefficiencies.