Operation Command Center

Run your operations with unparalleled project control. Oversee every moving part in your project at a high level across all vessel operators, all PSO providers, and all environmental analysts from any contractor in the Mysticetus Command Center. Project overview at a glance, standardized reporting, and SMS & email alerts for all critical events.

Real Time Data Access

Data across all operations is automatically uploaded to cloud storage. Unify PSO, vessel, electronic equipment, buoy, debris, eNGO, and NOAA data and access it instantly any time, from anywhere. Mysticetus is the only platform to put all your operational information in one place.

Critical Events Alerts

Instant alerts for all OnBoard events including endangered marine mammal sightings, operational shutdowns, and HSE alerts. Unparalleled operational awareness with customizable alerts.

Secure Communications & Data Transfers

All data is automatically encrypted and secured as it is stored in the cloud. Eliminate radio data communications and eavesdropping risks with instant sighting sharing of marine mammals, debris, buoys, and fishing gear.